Today I was pleased to helped out at the Livingston FFIT / Over 35s tournament. This is a great initiative – older lads playing competitive football – I just helped a few of them as they tightened up! Great feedback as well!

“Hi Caroline huge thanks on the day for all your hard work and professionalism along with your healing hands,all our players who received treatment were all very impressed and did indeed see a marked difference after even a short treatment.  Once again thank you for all your time and hard work,you’re a star.”

Mike Lamb: Rangers

“Caroline – thanks for today – fantastic support to our wee tournament and the lads loved you! They certainly kept you busy! Well done you are a star!”

Peter Wilson: Tournament Organiser

“Thank you Caroline you were a real asset today, much appreciated.”

Andrew Steel: Livingston

You deserve a medal, thanks my calves feel great today.

David Hill: Rangers

“Thank you Caroline, my old legs would never have lasted the full tournament with out your magic. The Rangers FFIT lads fully appreciated your hard work today.”

Les Gossink: Rangers

Wish I’d took you.home with me after the tourney. So in pain now. Thanks from all at Rangers FFIT for today.

Sam Munro

We can’t guarantee full recovery for all problems as this is just not possible for chronic conditions. Our job, in that situation, is to help you to understand and manage your condition to maximise your function, recovery and pain management.
What we do care about is the way we treat you.
We care about you and the service we provide you.
If you are NOT happy with our service or approach then please let us know. We would love the opportunity to immediately rectify it. We all make mistakes but we believe in making as few as possible, and when we do, we look to make things right.

At any point if you are still unhappy with our service we will immediately refund your treatment fee.

Caroline Bennett
On Behalf of PhysioFlex (West Lothian) Ltd