Environmental Policy and Plastic Usage 

As a society we are becoming ever more conscious of the environment and the need to reduce our plastic use. One of my daughters wrote an article for school and her message is clear – ‘We don’t have another earth, so, we have to take care of this one’ 

Caroline Bennett: Director

At Physio-Flex we wholeheartedly recognise the importance of doing our small bit and trying to be as environmentally conscious as we can be.  

We try to recycle as much as possible and so we were delighted to find our favourite massage wax is now available with brand new sustainable packaging. These cardboard pots are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. This and other changes allow us to reduce plastic waste from the clinic. 

 What else are we doing? 

  • We are speking to suppliers who are giving us polystyrene and unnecessary plastic with our orders and asking them if they can change their packaging.
  • We have provided our staff have their own metal water bottles – no more throw away cups or plastic bottles 
  • We encourage staff to bring food in re-useable or recyclable packaging and containers 
  • We are using natural and non-toxic cleaning products 
  • We try and reduce our energy use (… and put on our hoodies before we think about switching the heating on 😊 ) 
  • We are paper light – all our clinical records are online, our exercises are sent out by email, we have a shared staff resource area using Microsoft One Drive and Notebook and we have electronic receipts. 
  • Essentially, we encourage everyone to be conscious of waste, just as they would at home.  We are hoping these small changes can add up to contribute to the big difference the world needs.