Mobility with Morven

Are you feeling stiff, tight or achey in your back or shoulders from sitting too long at work? Is working from a home causing you new areas of tension?

Morven, one of our Physiotherapists, has recorded some useful stretches and mobility techniques to help target some of those areas than can get overworked or fatigued from doing a sedentary desk based job. 

Give them a try either as a “wakening up” of the spine or as a regular “pause break” a few times a day to take the pressure off the spine and muscles that support it. 

Try 5-10 repetitions initially of each exercise and build up. Hold the stretches for as long as feels comfortable and enjoy the sensation of being a little bit looser!

If you wish to discuss any persistent aches and pains get in contact on 01506237770 or at

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