How many sessions will I need? 

 The number of sessions varies greatly from person to person, and issue to issue and to the extent of the problemhow long you have had the issue, your fitness level and your lifestyle prior to having the pain.  

It may be that you want an assessment and advice only or you may need a long-term treatment and rehabilitation programme. Your Physiotherapist will discuss which options are best for you and at Physio-Flex we tailor your programme depending on your needs as well as your preferences and lifestyle. Your Physiotherapist will outline how many sessions they think you will need, and this will be re-evaluated as treatment progresses. Regardless of how many sessions you attend, we will work with you to get the best out of any sessions we provide.  

What can you expect following your assessment? 

You may feel a little sore after the assessment as we have asked you to move in ways that your body doesn’t like! It is common to have post assessment or treatment soreness which can last 2-3 days and also you may, like any exercise session, be dehydrated. 

To help with these after effects you can: 

  • Apply a cold compress to your muscles to reduce stiffness or discomfort.  
  • Drink plenty of water to replenish fluids and reduce dehydration 
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine for 12 hours as this can cause further dehydration 
  • Rest and relax! 

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