Our Treatments

As therapists we use a wide range of treatments to get the result you desire. We are firm believers in ‘Hands On’ treatment including soft and deep tissue massage and joint mobilisation. Your treatment plan may include work in the gym or exercises and stretches to use at home.

We may also offer acupuncture or ultrasound and provide advice and education on posture, ergonomics, and pain relief.

What is important is that we help you be the best you can be and relieve your condition as much as possible.

Our treatments

We Specialise In

Soft Tissue Techniques

Targets your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves to improve the mobility of stiff muscles, improve circulation and help release tension, decreasing pain, improving the tone of your muscle and helping to break up underlying scar tissue.

Strength and Endurance

A key element of rehabilitation we will show and work with you to increase the strength and endurance of your muscles, joints and tendons to prevent re-occurance of certain issues.



We use acupuncture as part of an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation and as a means of stimulating the body’s own healing chemicals in order to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.

Joint Manipulation and Mobilisation

A hands-on treatment that activates the nerves and muscles that work with the joints. This treatment is a highly effective and efficient way of achieving pain relief, restoring pain-free movement and improving function..

Myofascial Release

Helps with pain after trauma, surgery, or if your muscles and joints feel tight. Myofascial release works through lengthening and adding flexibility to muscles and tissues to facilitate movement, improve posture and enable easier movement.

Advice and Education

To prevent re-occurrence and help you manage long term issues on a day to day basis we provide advice and information to allow you to self manage your condition and get the best long term results.

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Life changing and Life enhancing

Don't endure those painful conditions any longer, or have your physical activity hampered through injury. Our treatments and therapies can fix or improve those long-term aches pains, or sports injuries, to help get your active life back on track. For some active live is getting back to normal full health, for others active life may be improvement on function and doing the simple activities of daily living they are currently struggling with. One client was delighted that she could hang out her washing again on the line!