What happens at my first appointment? 

Physiotherapist have a duty of care to their patients, information you provide is confidential and private.  

At your first appointment your Physiotherapist will always undertake an initial assessment. The more information you can provide the better, and if you have any referrals from a Doctor or Surgeon please share these with your Physio. The clinic rooms are private, so you don’t need to worry about someone overhearing. Physiotherapy involves a lot of listening and in your first assessment we will talk you through the history of your current issue, your medical history and lifestyle. It is important that we know as much as possible about you and your health so that we can treat you correctly, so please be patient with us and be prepared for a lot of questions 

At Physio-Flex, we often send out an email asking for some of this information before your appointment. Completing this gives more time for treatment at the first appointment.   

Your Therapist will then complete a physical assessment, observing your posture and testing your movements in standing, sitting and lying. The Therapist may move your limbs to check flexibility and may feel (palpate) your muscles, tendons and joints to get a sense of what is happening in the tissue.  

Sometimes this initial examination may involve getting undressed to a degree, so it is recommended that if you have an issue with your legs, hips or lower back you bring your shorts; if your issue affects your upper back, neck, shoulders or arms please bring or wear a strapped vest.  It is important that you are comfortable, and that the physiotherapist can see the area well. Don’t worry if you forget your shorts or vest, we always have a spare set in the clinic. 

The assessment is to determine the cause of your problem and therefore some of the tests may cause mild discomfort as this is part of how we positively determine the correct diagnosis for you. Please give your Physiotherapist feedback on how these tests make you feel as this will help them to choose the most appropriate tests for you.  

Following your assessment, the Physiotherapist will explain the assessment findings and answer any questions you may have. An individualised treatment plan will then be developed in discussion with you and if possible, treatment commenced at this first appointment.