At Physioflex we are great supporters of the Livingston Park Run.  Livingston Park Run held their 200th event on the 2nd Of November 2019 and we were lucky enough to come down and be part of it.  Majka and Caroline went down to help assess, advice and treat the runners.  The girls had a very busy day but had lots of fun.  There was lots of people and some brilliant fancy dress too! A great atmosphere!  Majka and Caroline had a great day, Thank you for having us.

We love the concept of the park run and it is a great achievement for the volunteers and organisers to reach their 200th event! Superb effort all round. 

We can’t guarantee full recovery for all problems as this is just not possible for chronic conditions. Our job, in that situation, is to help you to understand and manage your condition to maximise your function, recovery and pain management.
What we do care about is the way we treat you.
We care about you and the service we provide you.
If you are NOT happy with our service or approach then please let us know. We would love the opportunity to immediately rectify it. We all make mistakes but we believe in making as few as possible, and when we do, we look to make things right.

At any point if you are still unhappy with our service we will immediately refund your treatment fee.

Caroline Bennett
On Behalf of PhysioFlex (West Lothian) Ltd