Sports Injury Assessment

As part of our initial assessment we take a detailed history of the injury, find out about your typical training schedule, and discuss your short and long term goals.

Whilst accidents account for some injuries, most occur from inadequate preparation for the activity or having a previous injury or niggle which has been aggravated by current activity. By investigating the history of the injury we can tailor a more effective and robust treatment plan, specific to you.

We then appropriately select individual physical tests, to assist diagnosis and give a timescale for recovery. At the end of your assessment you will be sent a treatment plan and initial advice and a video of your exercise plan.

Initial Treatment/Rehabilitation

Treatment for your specific injury may include

  • Specific and graded exercises sent via video
  • Pain management strategies
  • Taping
  • Manual therapy: mobilisation/METs/massage
  • Advice on maintaining fitness/strength through injury